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Tonkatsu - Summer 2023 Limited Release

Tonkatsu - Summer 2023 Limited Release

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We couldn't resist adding a dash of porky charm to our new tama shape because, hey, who doesn't love a good pig-tastic surprise?! 🐽🤪 

So get ready to hog the spotlight with your dazzling skills as you embark on a snout-standing kendama adventure!

TONKATSU : Original Colorway [Blackish with gold speckles | Gold Eyes ] 
TEAL TONKATSU : Colorway By James [Teal with green ears | Yellow Green Eyes ] 
BLACK TONKATSU : Colorway By Frankie [Black with blue ears | Purple + Blue Eye ] 

These 3D printed tamas are made-to-order, sanded and painted.

Average turnaround times for these are 1 week for the natty tamas, or 1-2 weeks for tamas with a clear coat. Clear Coats are avilable near the add to cart button in the addons section.

**This is not a full Kendama set up. Ken is NOT included. **

Each 3d Tama purchase comes with a carrying pouch and string

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