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Welcome to the ultimate social media experience for kendama brands. We're your over-caffeinated dream team--an audio editor with a knack for weaving compelling stories that elevate your brand, a social media manager with a decade of experience deeply connected to the kendama community's vibe, and an exceptionally organized productivity enthusiast who excels in bringing ambitious projects to life.

Together, we offer tiered social media management packages, including unique offerings like professional podcast editing and a mobile podcast booth, all tailored to make your kendama brand resonate and engage more effectively with your audience. Jump in with us for a ride that's all about fun, flair and a sprinkle of feeling truly seen. Let's team up to turn the spotlight on your brand and make it the talk of the kendama world. With services tailored to every level of need, from engaging content creation to professional podcast editing, we're here to help your brand not just succeed, but shine.

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what is snarketing?

What We Do

Custom Social Media Content Creation:
Utilizing our deep understanding of the kendama community to create resonant and engaging content.

Professional Podcast Editing:
Enhancing brand storytelling through expertly edited podcasts that capture and retain listener interest.

Unique Add-Ons:
Including a roaming podcast booth for dynamic, on-site recording opportunities.

Our Team

TYLER (Social Media Manager):
Brings a decade of experience within the kendama community, offering unmatched insights into brand positioning and engagement strategies.

RAE (Audio Editor):
Specializes in crafting engaging stories that highlight the brand's values and mission, making the audience care and connect on a personal level.

KELLIE (Project Manager):
An organized and highly productive individual with a passion for turning ambitious ideas into reality, ensuring projects are delivered with precision and creativity.

The Perks

Tailored Package Development:
Offering tiered services to meet a wide range of needs and budgets, ensuring flexibility and customization for every client.

Community-Centric Approach:
Leveraging our deep connections and insights into the kendama community to maximize engagement and visibility.

Comprehensive Project Management:
Utilizing our team's organizational prowess to oversee and execute projects seamlessly, from conception to launch.

  • "Just Jump" Package

    Dip your toes into the social media waters with our "Just Jump" Package, designed for new kendama brands or those looking to start small but impactful. It’s the perfect launchpad for your online journey, offering essential content creation and strategy to get your brand noticed.

  • "Cruising Along" Package

    Unlock the full potential of your kendama brand's social media with our "Cruising Along" Package. Perfect for brands ready to captivate their audience and leave a lasting impression, this package offers a mix of creativity, strategic posting, and interactive content, ensuring your brand’s voice is not just heard but also felt.

  • "All In" Package

    Capture, Engage, Thrive: Elevate Your Brand to Stardom with Our "All In" Package. Where every post is a masterpiece, every engagement a connection, and your growth, our mission.

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