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Skullie 3D Tama- Fall 2023 Limited Release

Skullie 3D Tama- Fall 2023 Limited Release

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SKULLIE is a tama!

Our newest seasonal tama shape is back and it's the cutest spook you'll come across!

Have you ever wanted to bird on an eye socket?
Border balance in a nostril?
Juggle a shrunken head?

These 3D printed tamas are made-to-order, sanded and painted. Average turnaround times for these are 1 week for the natty tamas, or 1-2 weeks for tamas with a clear coat.

This is not a full Kendama set up.

Each 3d Tama purchase comes with a carrying pouch and string.

Technical Specifications:

- Material: UV RESIN
- Approximate Diameter: 61 mm X 70 mm
- Approximate Weight: 88g

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