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Ken Tama -- Design by Tyler Barnhouse

Ken Tama -- Design by Tyler Barnhouse

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Feast your eyes on the 'Ken' Tama, Tyler Barnhouse's tribute to classic style with a rebellious twist. This isn't just a kendama—it's an uprising against the ordinary. Each curve is a stroke of minimalist art, and every pattern screams individuality with an edge. With a design that's as complex and compelling as a riddle wrapped in an enigma, the 'Ken' demands precision and offers control that's as intuitive as it is exact. It's the tama for those who dare to stand out, play hard, and look good doing it.



weight: 78 - 85g

These 3D printed tamas are made-to-order, sanded and painted.

Average turnaround times for these are 1 week for the natty tamas, or 1-2 weeks for tamas with a clear coat. Clear Coats are avilable near the add to cart button in the addons section.

**This is not a full Kendama set up. Ken is NOT included. **
Kens are available in the addons section.

Each 3d Tama purchase comes with a carrying pouch and string.

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