Snarkle Talks: Episode 0

Snarkle Talks (A Snarkle Rocks Podcast about Kendama and Creativity). Episode 0 (The Episode That Starts Them All). Illustration of a pink pig shaped rock (representing co-host kellie) and a mushroom shaped rock (representing co-host seth) with antlers looking at each other.





Welcome to the inaugural episode of Snarkle Talks, where your hosts, Kellie and Seth, invite you into the captivating world of kendama. Kellie has boundless curiosity, along with seth's thoughtful insight, share their passion for kendama—not just as a skillful art but as a gateway to a community brimming with artists, artisans, and visionaries.

In this episode, we lay the foundation of what Snarkle Talks aims to be: a space to share stories, ideas, and the wisdom that comes from diverse experiences within the kendama community and beyond.

Dive into discussions that range from lighthearted—like debating the best root beer—to profound, exploring what motivates the community’s most inspiring figures. Kellie and Seth ask your favorite people all the questions that you didn't know you wanted to know. 

Join us for Episode 0-- where we peel back the layers to reveal the real stories behind the kendama tricks and the people who make our community so vibrant. Whether you're new to the world of kendama or a seasoned player, Snarkle Talks promises to be a journey of discovery, connection, and inspiration.

Hit subscribe and become part of our growing family. Let’s embark on this wild ride together and see where it takes us.

Welcome to Snarkle Talks.


Ep. 0 Transcript: 

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Kellie: Hi, I'm Kellie, a rabid raccoon inside of star fililed skinsuit. I'm a lifelong creative maker and artist. 

Seth: And I'm Seth, a semi terrestrial gradient of cosmic curiosity, um, a whirlpool of ideas and imagination. Were two married people who started a business together called snuggle rocks. It started out as a sticker business, but took a sharp left turn a few years ago when we were introduced to the kendama world. 

Kellie: As Seth and I navigated the kendama community, we encountered some incredible people beyond kendama. There are also artists, artisans, entrepreneurs, and visionaries, each bringing a wealth of skill to the metaphorical table. 

Seth: This sparked the idea for Snarkle Talks, a space to share collective thoughts, ideas and wisdom. We all have so much to offer. 

Kellie: And we're here to showcase that we're chatting with some of our favorite people asking the important questions like what's your favorite root beer?

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Alex: Plain old A& W, Barqs, you name it. I don't discriminate when it comes to rootbeers. 

Seth: We're soaking in wisdom from the burning of minds around us.

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Tyler: Don't get discouraged, just kind of keep making stuff for you first and foremost. And eventually, whatever impact you want to make, I'd be willing to bet we'll come into fruition. It's just got to take a little bit of time.

Kellie: We're learning about the magic that comes from growing our community.

Jack: The more the merrier. More companies, more influence, more eyes on dama. I've never once felt, like, discouraged by more companies popping up no matter how similar or dissimilar they are. To me, I'm just gonna keep doing my thing.

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Seth: Our vision for this podcast is simple. To peel back the layers of your favorite people discovering new things about each other. We'll delve into their journeys, their passions, what fuels their drive, how we can support their dreams and goals and what the Roman Empire is.

Kellie: So here we are at Episode Zero. It's your sneak peek into what Snarkle Talks is all about. It's your chance to get really excited and hit that subscribe button. And make sure you don't miss out when the actual first episode drops so we can stream it directly into your ear holes.

Seth: Join us on this new wild ride. Where a mix of nerves and excitement, eager to see where this new journey will take us and who we might meet along the way.

Kellie: Welcome to Snarkle Talks. We can't wait to talk again soon. Bye. Jinx.

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